The official site of the Innovative Natural Animal Health Project (INAHP)

Project based on many decades of ecological and nanotechnological research of
Dr. Michael Sümegi project founder (EKO-PHARMA Ltd. Managing Director, founder, majority owner), and microbiological research of dr. Judith Zala project founder (National Centre for Epidemiology, Department of Mycology, Head of Department)

The aim of this project:
We are looking for investors (capital and professional too) in order to realize the manufacturing of our products in a higher level. These products and our solutions are based on original Hungarian know-how. We are open for any kind of cooperation: joint venture, licence sales etc. If you are interested in this promising business opportunity please contuct with us.

Phone: +3630/3034666
E-mail: sumegi.mihaly@eko-pharma.hu

Governmental references of this project:

Hungarian investment project
Agricultural project
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